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  1. Danny Dalit

    I can't seem to get past Dual 4-Back

    Have you managed to surpass 4 back?
  2. Danny Dalit

    Bioenergetics Over 98% of people don’t get enough potassium.

    Shocking when you consider the leading cause of death is heart failure in the West.
  3. Danny Dalit

    On Dropshipping

    yeah it would be then
  4. Danny Dalit

    On Dropshipping

    Dropshipping as it is commonly described as is extremely low IQ and doesn't work. What I'm advocating for is something called micromanufacturing. Where lets say that you have a team of 1-5 producing items that can wholesaled to people who will sell it in there own stores.
  5. Danny Dalit

    On Dropshipping

    Not if you manufacture the products yourself. You just need to choose the right product to create.
  6. Danny Dalit

    A feature I would add to my website to increase revenue to a business

    I would create an invest with us option on my store where customers would sign a contract and store a certain amount of money they want to invest into a bond. After an agreed amount of time they would get an agreed percentage of profit back lets say 4% interest back. All of this would be down on...
  7. Danny Dalit

    On Dropshipping

    You can make money with dropshipping if you're the one creating a valuable and unique product.
  8. Danny Dalit

    China’s Population Falls, Heralding a Demographic Crisis

    Don't forget that China lies about its total population. They could be far into the collapse and not even realise it.
  9. Danny Dalit

    Real Matters |—————-| €€€€€€€€€€€

    cage I was thought he was a manlet who cock touched the ground. He really won the genetic library,
  10. Danny Dalit

    Real Matters Going back to Mumbai.

    Are u able to buy GH in mumbai?
  11. Danny Dalit

    Real Matters |—————-| €€€€€€€€€€€

    where did this 9 inch manlet go?
  12. Danny Dalit

    Wikipedia's new skin is a sad opportunity to reminisce what we could've had

    Those prototypes aren't really necessary for the site to run imo.